The Best Hiking in the Adirondacks for Fall Foliage

Hiking in the Adirondacks is one of the most popular ways to take advantage of the beauty of Autumn due to the mild temperatures, sunny days, and fiery foliage. The Adirondack region boasts 46 mountain peaks covered in diverse forests with hardwoods that put on a show come fall. There’s a variety of hiking trails that cater to all levels of experience, as well. Whether you’re a novice or an expert hiker, there are safe and easygoing routes and challenging day-long adventures to suit your preference. Take your time and enjoy the scenic trails, or push yourself to the summit for a stunning panoramic view against a clear blue sky.

The options for those seeking the finest hiking in the Adirondacks this Autumn are endless! While there are certainly some well-known hikes that you should consider, there are also numerous lesser-known trails and hidden gems throughout the region. We believe that our own private nature trails at our Upstate New York hotel should be included on any list of the best hiking in the Adirondacks, as our curated trail system is never inundated with tourists. You’ll love wandering into the pristine woods just a few feet from your guest room. 

Whether you leave your comfortable accommodations for hiking in the Adirondacks or not, we know that a few days spent at our Upstate New York hotel is exactly what you need this fall. We’re the only Adirondacks lodging property offering unparalleled access to private nature trails, with comfortable, upscale accommodations and an on-site farm-to-table fine-dining restaurant. It’s truly a destination—and the perfect place to leave your stresses behind and immerse yourself in the glory of the bright fall foliage. We can’t wait to host you; book your room today! 

happy couple Hiking in the Adirondacks near our luxury Upstate NY hotel

The Best Places for Hiking in the Adirondacks this Fall

For those interested in hiking in the Adirondacks, you’re in luck—the hard part will be choosing which trails to add to your itinerary! As a guest at our Upstate New York hotel, you’ll first want to explore our property’s stunning trail system. During the fall, the forests come to life with bright golden and fiery hues, creating a magical backdrop for exploring the outdoors. 

Here are eight trails to discover for some of the best hiking in the Adirondacks this fall: 

  1. The Shelving Rock Trail: The beginning of this trail is a rocky one, but before you know it, the path widens to an easily navigatable one on the Eastern side of Lake George. Be sure to head to Shelving Rock Falls to see one of the prettiest waterfalls in the Adirondacks. 
  2. Pilot Knob Gazebo: This nature reserve is the perfect place for a leisurely picnic day and a moment in a peaceful gazebo. 
  3. Buck Mountain: It’sIt’sintense four-hour climb to reach the top of this peak, but the stunning views awash in bright fall colors are one you won’t soon forget. You’ll see the village of Lake George, Dome Island, and High Peaks off in the distance. 
  4. Cat & Thomas Mountain: These peaks can be accessed from the same trail; however, hitting both will require around eight miles of effort. If you can only do one, head up to Cat Mountain and enjoy the breathtaking view.
  5. The Pinnacle Trail: One of the best-known trails in the Lake George area, offers incredible panoramic views of the lake from the top. This view is awe-inspiring when the fall foliage is peaking.
  6. Amy’s Park: For those who enjoy a leisurely time hiking in the Adirondacks, this 500-acre nature preserve offers relatively short and easy hikes, as well as a pond on which you can kayak or canoe. It’s a beautiful park in which to watch wildlife, too.
  7. Prospect Mountain: It’s a very steep three-mile climb on this popular trail, but from the top, you’ll find picture-perfect views of the Lake George area. You’ll see remnants of the old Prospect Mountain Cable Incline Railway. 
  8. Indian Head Trail: For some intense hiking in the Adirondacks with iconic mountaintop views of fall foliage, this 10.8-mile trek is perfect for seasoned hikers. You’ll discover Rainbow Falls and other small falls along the way. 
After Hiking in the Adirondacks retreat to our Upstate NY Hotel to relax, pictured here

One of the Best Hotels in Upstate New York

For those hiking in the Adirondacks, having a luxurious place to relax and rest after a long day on the trails is even more important. Our Upstate New York Hotel is just that place! You’ll have everything on-site for a restful stay, from lavish lodging accommodations and fine dining to the outdoor fire pit and game room; there’s no shortage of things to do at Friends Lake Inn. 

Each morning of your stay, join us in the Birch Bistro for a decadent breakfast with seasonal ingredients prepared with care and always paired with piping hot coffee and a selection of AM beverages. We’re more than happy to accommodate dietary restrictions and requests. For dinner, you’ll love our menu options in the Main Dining Room—ideal for romantic dinners for two with an extensive wine list, as well as cocktails and beers. 

After a lovely meal, you’ll love retreating to your private room. We offer a broad range of guest rooms to choose from, all uniquely decorated to fit the mood of the Adirondacks and outfitted with high-end amenities. We even have a secluded cabin for those more intimate and romantic getaways you crave. Reserve your room today!