The Flow Tranquility Room

The Flow Tranquility Room is a place to escape from the world.
A special place to unwind, reflect, or truly rest.

Amidst the serene setting of Friends Lake Inn, the experience begins with a descent to the lower level of Friends Lake Inn where our tranquility room hides away.  You then proceed down an arched hallway on a plush blue and white carpet reminiscent of a walk along a river’s edge. At the end of the hall two wooden doors part to reveal the sculpture focal point, and a mesmerizing lightscape set to calming music.

As you step into the room your feet will sink into a plush ocean blue carpet. An eye-catching white leather chaise invites you to get comfortable and will make you feel like you are secluded on a private cloud under a starry night. Finally, tuck yourself under the sumptuous weighted blanket then let the thoughts of the outside world drift away. 

Let your body relax and your mind flow.

To reserve a spot in the Flow Tranquility Room, please speak to one of our front team associates in advance or during your stay. Private half-day or full-day sessions can also be arranged should you wish to reserve the room just for your party. We ask that you be courteous to the other guests and our staff by following the room guidelines in the link below.

Tranquility Room Rules & Guidelines