Elope in Upstate New York: Adirondack Weddings

Looking to forego some of the stress and pressure of wedding planning?


Eloping just might be for you!


Contrary to some common misconceptions, eloping can be a romantic and memorable way to celebrate your special day. While eloping is often associated with the city hall or Vegas –there are plenty of other options that are available for you that can make your elopement as exciting and romantic as you would like it to be.


Tossing aside the stress and frustrations of wedding planning is just one reason that many modern couples are choosing elopement. An elopement also allows a couple to have all of the best parts of a traditional ceremony –exchanging vows in a beautiful setting, celebrating with cake and champagne afterward –and of course, the honeymoon –without the pressure of a normal wedding. Many couples prefer elopement because it allows them to be more sincere and spontaneous as well.


When it comes to eloping –one of the most important logistical considerations that you’ll want to plan for –is the location. This, of course, is one reason that makes the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York a popular destination for both elopements, and wedding ceremonies alike. The beautiful and breathtaking natural beauty of the Adirondacks makes this location the perfect backdrop to your big day.


If you’d like to explore the possibilities of having your ceremony in the Adirondacks, let’s take a look at what you can expect –as well as some tips for ensuring that your special day is as fabulous as you’d always imaged it would be.


Choose Your Wedding Party

With elopements – there can be as many –or as few guests as you would like. While many couples choose to elope because they prefer the idea of a small and intimate ceremony with just the two of them –if you like the idea of having a few special guests, you could compromise –and opt for a petite wedding –with a small number of guests. It’s entirely up to you!


Choose Your Location and Venue

The location is an important consideration when planning your elopement. Friends Lake Inn is an ideal venue located in the picturesque Lake George region of beautiful Upstate New York. At Friends Lake Inn, we offer special elopement packages –and will handle all of the details for you to ensure that your big day is a special and truly memorable occasion. Consider a special ceremony in a garden or an indoor ceremony in front of a crackling fire in our rustic yet elegant parlor. Afterwards, enjoy a romantic dinner for two, as well as cake and sparkling wine –and spend the night in our rustic yet elegant rooms –with a fireplace. Finally, enjoy breakfast in bed before you head out to enjoy the natural beauty of Lake George.



One of the great things about a destination wedding or elopement –is that you’ll be able to enjoy your honeymoon –immediately after the ceremony. There’s no need to deal with the stress and frustration of packing your bags and jetting out to a distant location. Having your ceremony on-site at your honeymoon destination is an ideal way to celebrate –without any unneeded stress or pressure.



As you can see, an elopement in Upstate New York just might be an ideal way to have the day of your dreams –without any stress of frustration. Let us help you plan an intimate ceremony for just the two of you –or a small group of friends, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy all of the beauty and intimacy that a wedding ceremony should have.


Considering an elopement? Contact Friends Lake today to learn more –we’d love to explore different options with you, and will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.